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Semi-finished products from Centroplast

From our in-house extrusion system

We provide you with semi-finished products made from thermoplastics that we manufacture in accordance with your specifications in our own production facilities. You can obtain semi-finished products made in standard materials and standard dimensions with very short lead times from our own stock range.

We would also be delighted to develop and manufacture in accordance with your individual needs: From special materials through special colours or formats – we can develop the precise solution that you need. You can find out more about this in the Development section.

Your wishes and requirements will be turned into first-class, semi-finished products by highly specialised workers in our production facilities.


The right extrusion starts with the selection of the granulate. All of our extrusion lines are designed in accordance with the latest technical standards and were built by and are maintained by Centroplast themselves. In doing so, Industry 4.0 is also making inroads here: The digital capturing and monitoring of all process parameters is an inherent part of each individual manufacturing process.


    After the extrusion follows the post-treatment of the semi-finished products, either thermal or by supplying moisture. Thanks to the many years of experience that our workers have, we are familiar with the whole spectrum of post-treatment processes for each material and each dimension, making a significant contribution to the first-class quality of our semi-finished products with regard to their machinability and lack of stresses.

    In order to design your own processing to be as efficient as possible, you can also order pre-cut semi-finished products from us and/or have the complete semi-finished product machined by us. You can read more about your options here:

    Just-in-time semi-finished products

    Transparent, quick and simple:

    You can find the exact semi-finished product that you require with just a few clicks using our online portal AdvanceDock. With these functions you can find out everything about your desired semi-finished product and run through an optimised order process:


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    From the selection of the material through to final processing

    Find out about our semi-finished products

    Get to know the Centroplast product families, find out about the standard formats and custom formats available and get to know our services! From POM to PET, from plate to filament, from cut-to-size to mechanical machining – we can provide everything to do with thermoplastic semi-finished products.


    What material is best suited for your new semi-finished product? Here you can find out everything about our plastics, suitable for a very wide range of applications even in standard format.

    To the materials

    What format would you prefer for your semi-finished product? We produce semi-finished products in a great variety of different formats in our extrusion facility.

    To the formats

    You set the specification – We will implement it down to the last millimetre! Order pre-cut plastic semi-finished products and keep your own processing efficient.

    To pre-cutting
    Planing and grinding

    Do you require further machining for your semi-finished products? Let us do that! We can smooth the surface of your pre-cut part by planing or grinding.

    More information on machining

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