Bipolar plates

Key components for redox flow batteries and fuel cells

Bipolar plates

Flexible bipolar plate production

The bipolar plate as an element of the energy transition

Until 2030 we will undoubtedly see a stark increase in renewables integration into electricity grids, leading to rising demand for efficient and reliable energy storage. As a result, the number of grid-connected electrochemical battery systems will increase dramatically.

Manufacturers of redox flow batteries need to reduce their costs to compete against lithium-ion in future utility-scale projects, given two levers for critical cost reductions: Either reducing electrolyte costs or the stack costs.

The latter is possible thanks to Centroplast’s unique capabilities in bipolar plate production: Centroplast bipolar plates can significantly reduce stack costs.

Großformatige Bipolarplatten

Advantages of our manufacturing process


High quantities at low costs

Continuous manufacturing processes allow an efficient cost basis for high quantities

Dynamic project support

We are only satisfied when you are! We support you during development, from prototype to series production.

Dimensional freedom

The extrusion process allows us to produce a wide range of formats.

Expertise in extrusion process for bipolar plates

The extrusion process enables the production of bipolar plates in almost all geometries. Currently Centroplast has produced sheets with a thickness of 1 mm to 8 mm and a width of 250 mm to 1250 mm. 

Due to the continuous production process, we are unlimited in length. Special formats can be requested at any time.  

The entire value chain in-house

  • Compounding
  • Extrusion
  • Insertion of a flowfield
  • Final surface finishing

Value chain in bipolar plates production

The basis of a high-quality bipolar plate is the right compound. For us, this basis goes hand in hand with the moulding process. This is how we guarantee the ideal fulfilment of customer requirements.

The properties of a bipolar plate are only as good as its surface properties. At Centroplast, we offer targeted modification of the surface according to our customers' wishes in order to guarantee optimum functionality.

 With the customised composition of the compound, our experience in extrusion enable us to produce customised bipolar plates.

The flowfield plays a very important role in prototype development. Milling is an option for small quantities. We are working flat out on series production processes, such as embossing in line with extrusion.

Potential areas of application for our bipolar plates

Our bipolar plates can be used in

  • Redox-Flow-Batteries
  • PEM-fuel cells

Continuous processes in particular, such as extrusion, make it possible to reduce the cost of the key component bipolar plate and thus contribute to the accelerated realisation of the energy transition.

Rüdiger Pelletier

If you require further information about our bipolar plate production, areas of application or the ordering process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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