Electrical industry

Plastics with high conductivity

Electrical industry

Standard materials and semi-finished products for your industry

As a customer from the electrics industry, you have particular requirements for plastics: High conductivity and good resistance values are essential.

At Centroplast you will find that there are already a great many standard materials and semi-finished products with these characteristics. In addition, we would be happy to develop highly specific materials in accordance with your individual specifications. Our development team combines professional knowledge and an engineering mindset in order to find individual materials for your application. If desired, our modern production department will also machine these into individual finished parts.


Which plastic is particularly conductive?

Plastics that are electrically conductive and that simultaneously retain their mechanical strength and high dimensional stability can be achieved by mixing in a conductive additive. So, the specific surface resistance of the plastics can be reduced.

The graphic at the side shows a selection of our plastics, which are characterised by being particularly conductive.


Advanced Dock

Our plastics in detail:
Characteristics, approvals and more.

All details for our plastics can be found in the AdvanceDock

Not only the specific surface resistance is important for your industry. Plastics for the electrical industry must often have other characteristics in order to form ideal and safe solutions.

In our online portal AdvanceDock, you can directly filter the important characteristics for your application and find the most suitable plastics with just a few clicks. You can find the most important characteristics of our plastics as well as additional datasheets, such as approvals and certificates stored there as downloads.