Medical equipment & pharmaceuticals industry

Resilient and hygienic plastics

Medical equipment & pharmaceuticals industry

Plastic instead of aluminium and stainless steel

In the case of components in the medical equipment & pharmaceuticals industry, maximum precision and resilience is required alongside antibacterial characteristics – and this with the greatest individuality and flexibility.

We support our customers in these industries too with the selection of the correct material and a design that suits the application. The use of suitable plastic instead of expensive materials like aluminium and stainless steel opens up completely new opportunities to many customers. The components developed and produced by us are used both in complex packaging machines and in equipment manufacturing.


Which plastic can withstand high temperatures?

Plastics are often autoclaved or sterilised in medical equipment.

To do so, the thermoplastics must withstand temperatures of up to 134°C. Many of our technical plastics fulfil this requirement. The graphic at the side shows a selection of our plastics, which have a very high upper operating temperature.



Get to know our product range and find out about all of the characteristics of our products.

Filter characteristics – find the right plastic

Alongside the high operating temperature, plastics used in medical equipment must also fulfil many other characteristics as well as particular hygiene and safety regulations. You can select on the basis of the required characteristics in our user database.

Use our online portal AdvanceDock to directly filter the characteristics that are important for your application. You can also find an overview of approvals and certificates under defined conditions in the download area.