Machine & system construction

Plastics for particular stresses

Machine & system construction

Individual components in the fastest time

For our customers in machinery and plant construction, the priority is often on individual components and high reliability requirements.

We can do this easily – from single parts to whole series. With all of our experience in the plastics industry, we manufacture complex design parts as well as whole assembly modules, always precisely matched to the individual requirements and the area of application.

Do you need a plastic solution?

We will support you with:

  • The correct material selection
  • Design that suits the application
  • And, acquiring spare parts via our reverse engineering
Machine and system construction

What is the right plastic for your application?

Plastics are exposed to high loads in machinery and plant construction. The materials used must exhibit good coefficients of sliding friction. We recommend the POM-PE, POM-PTFE and PE-UHMW technical plastics here.

In addition, the plastics must also be able to withstand high impact forces. The graphic below shows a selection of our plastics, which are highly impact resistant. Some of our plastics also exhibit the property of not breaking even under high loads. These include PA, PVDF, PC as well as the polyolefins PE and PP.

Charpy Schlagzähigkeit


Get to know our product range and find out about all of the characteristics of our products. 

All details of approvals and characteristics

Alongside the Charpy impact strength, plastics in machinery and plant construction must often possess other specific characteristics. Use our online portal AdvanceDock to directly filter the characteristics that are important for your application.

We have also provided an overview of the foodstuffs approvals from the federal institute for risk assessment and EU regulations in the download area of the AdvanceDock. POM W for example, has KTW-approval and is therefore permitted to come into contact with drinking water.