Automotive industry

Innovations made from plastic

Automotive industry

Quality and process reliability

We know how important more and more new and innovative ideas are in your industry! The high requirements for quality and process reliability cannot be allowed to stand in the way of innovative solutions, e.g. the use of new types of materials. With our expert team, who provide professional knowledge and an engineering mindset, we are reliable partners for our customers from the automotive industry.

Small series, pre-series and even prototype construction are in high demand. Our expertise in development and production helps us to find sound, professional, rapid and yet cost-effective solutions here. You can find more information on the development of plastic innovations here:

Which plastics are suitable for automotive construction?

Your industry sets high requirements for thermoplastics – but we are absolutely able to handle these! Often high impact strength is important for the plastic and it is also essential that it will not warp or deform under load.

We achieve enhanced strength and hardness by enrichening the basic plastic with glass fibres or carbon fibres. The graphic at the side shows a selection of our plastics, which have a high tensile elastic modulus as well as the associated high level of hardness.

Zug E-Modul

Do you already know of CENTROPACK™?

Machinery components for use in the automotive industry are often particularly sensitive and require special protection. For storage and transport, we have the optimum Centroplast solution: CENTROPACK™ is a reusable transport logistics system, that protects the packaging units (e.g. ball-bearings) in a transport tube and transports them safely to the required production or storage location.


Advanced Dock

Get to know our product range and find out about all of the characteristics of our products.

All details for our plastics can be found in our online portal

Alongside the tensile elastic modulus, plastics must also posses further specific characteristics for use in the automotive industry. In our online portal AdvanceDock, you can directly filter the important characteristics for your application and find the most suitable plastics with just a few clicks.

You can find the most important characteristics of our plastics as well as additional datasheets, such as approvals and certificates stored there as downloads.