The flexible extraction solution


For clean and safe production

Sometime the best products arise through your own needs. In any case, this was how our in-house development CENTROFLEX™ came about from the simplest of ideas: We wanted to have an even cleaner production system.

What came out of this: A flexible extraction solution that we used ourselves in our workshops – and that we can offer to you as an individually adapted product!

Diverse areas of application

CENTROFLEX™ is primarily used in production facilities in the machining industry as a flexible extraction system. It takes care of production waste such as swarf, chippings, gases or smoke, quickly and reliably. So, you always have a sparkling clean workplace!

Simple modular principle

The system is very simple: Individual elements can be combined in a modular principle so that they can be ideally positioned with regard to the tool or workpiece. Furthermore, CENTROFLEX™ can be connected to any existing extraction system. The result is an efficient extraction solution that can be precisely tailored to each individual application.

Effective operation and industrial safety

CENTROFLEX™ provides a clean and safe working environment and thus also offers occupational safety benefits: The significant reduction in dust load enables health and safety limit values for employees to be complied with more easily. Production damage can also be maintained at a minimum level over the long term with CENTROFLEX™.


An overview of the benefits:

Flexible use thanks to the modular design

The individual segments can be rotated up to 360° and so can be brought to the immediate vicinity of tools and workpieces.

Variable and retrofittable

CENTROFLEX™ can be adapted to a great variety of machine environments and can also be connected to existing extraction systems. So the system is also ideal for open machine environments such as milling machines, lathes or saws.

Positionally stable

Once positioned the segments remain stably in place without any aids or mechanisms – even with machine vibrations and an overall length of up to one metre

Dimensionally stable and unbreakable

The plastic used is robust and resistant to chemicals.

Maximum extraction performance for long and fine chippings

Optimum performance through the use of application-specific connection elements.


Interested in CENTROFLEX™?

Enquire about using our flexible extraction system for your business now!

We would be delighted to advise you about which individual solution would suit your machinery environment and prepare a fair proposal for you.

Volker Seitz

If you require even more specific formats, please contact us! Our team of developers and production experts can also develop customised solutions for your specific requirements.

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