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Plastic tealight holder

Lux Originals®

Not everything that we make out of plastic needs to be solely functional.

Our LUX® ORIGINALS tealight holders are the best example of this. There is one thing they must be able to do above all else: Look good!

However, in conjunction with plastic as a practical material they also fulfil further requirements that play an important role both in private and commercial environments – primarily with regard to safety aspects.

Stylish and also completely safe

The wax candle design of the LUX® tealight holder combined with the real flame of the tealight gives rise to heat and emotions – just as with a pillar candle. At the same time, the tealight holder made from heat-resistant plastic provides much greater safety than solid wax candles. Tealights burn out in a controlled manner and are self-extinguishing, the mess caused by hot flowing wax becomes a thing of the past.

Lux Originals tealight holder for retail or wholesale

Available in different colours, designs and formats, the LUX® tealight holders can be used to adorn indoor or outdoor areas.

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Advantages at a glance


LUX® tealight holders have a long life – once bought, they can be used again and again!


LUX® tealight holders are made from pure, fully recyclable plastics.


Because the tealight burns out in a controlled manner, there is no mess due to hot flowing wax. Cleaning the tealight holder is simple – just pop it in the dishwasher.


Any standard tealight can be used in LUX® tealight holders. Tealights burn out in a more controlled manner than free-standing candle shapes thanks to their shape and the self-extinguishing nature of the flame, thus providing greater safety. A pin hole in the base of the tealight holder holds the tealight safely in place.

Universal use

LUX® tealight holders are FDA-certified (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and so are also suitable for the foodstuffs industry. The UV-resistance of the plastic used also enables it to be used in areas subject to solar radiation.


LUX® tealight holders are available in three colours (white, black, red) and designs (Classic, Trend and Insert) as well as in different formats. And if you want, you can even add your own decoration to the tealight holder.

Simple to handle

Replacing the tealight is simple and can be done without tools. Perfect appearance guaranteed at all times thanks to the quick tealight replacement.

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If you have any questions about our LUX® ORIGINALS tea light holders, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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