Plastics industry

Plastics off the shelf or individually manufactured

Plastics industry

Highest quality – quick delivery

Customers from the plastics processing industry benefit both from our standard range and from the production of customer-specific formats and materials.

We would also be delighted to offer you individual formats, colours and materials – even with smaller batches. With our pre-development we are always discovering new approaches with the development of materials and processes in order to be able to realise individual wishes.

Highly dimensionally stable under heat and easy to process

Plastics that are particularly resistant to the influence of heat are often in demand. The graphic at the side shows a selection of our plastics, which are highly dimensionally stable under heat.

Our technical plastics are normally shaped into their final form by machining. Thermoplastics can machined with varying degrees of ease due to their differing characteristics. POM C, PA 6 E, PA 6 G and PVDF have particularly good machining characteristics.


Do you already know of CENTROFLEX™?

Wherever plastic is processed, a clean and safe working environment is absolutely essential, also in the context of occupational health and safety. Our own development CENTROFLEX takes care of production waste such as swarf, chippings, gases or smoke, quickly and reliably. At the same time, the extraction system impresses with its flexibility: It can be individually adapted to the respective machines.



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Alongside their dimensional stability under heat, plastics for the plastic industry must also fulfil other characteristics. The plastics can be filtered by characteristics in our online portal AdvanceDock. There are also numerous other functions available to you there, from the catalogue through online ordering and on to order tracking.

We have also provided an overview of the most important approvals and certificates in the download area of the AdvanceDock.