Rapid Prototyping

Implement new developments quickly

Rapid Prototyping

Creativity in solid form

Time is money – even when it is not always fun in the development stage, this expression often represents the harsh reality in industry and commerce. Product cycles and development times are becoming ever shorter, and rapid implementation into concrete results ever more important.

Centroplast can help you to meet these demands. Professional project management with fixed time and budget planning drives the target-oriented and rapid development process forward, without impairing the creativity of the developers.

Ideen verwirklichen

Implement, test and improve

Rapid prototyping helps us with the rapid implementation of ideas. As a result, we can analyse components right from earliest stages of product development, avoid faults and root out im-provement potential. We can create workpieces quickly and directly either from existing or newly created CAD data.

From single parts to small series, we can manufacture prototypes for you to move your product development forward reliably. To do so, we work with different rapid and cost-effective manufac-turing processes such as injection moulding and vacuum casting and of course with the latest 3D printing technology.

Prototypes from the 3D printer

As a manufacturing process, 3D printing opens up entirely new possibilities to developers, de-signers and production engineers. As a precise and cost-effective manufacturing process, 3D printing is particularly useful when data needs to be quickly turned into reality. Centroplast offers you a full 3D printing service, with subsequent machining too if desired.

3D Druck