Our manufacturing processes

Precision finished parts

Our manufacturing processes

Our manufacturing processes briefly explained

With us, you get the entire value chain from the extrusion of the semi-finished product to the finished products and their assembly from a single source.

Regardless of whether you want to have an individual finished part or a whole series produced – our promises for quality, budget compliance and timely delivery remain the same! From individual parts to complete assemblies, you will receive finished parts that you can use immediately.

Our team of experienced technicians and advisors know exactly what process will be suited best to your purposes, quantities and the required material. You can find an initial overview of our manufacturing processes here:



Machining enables a quality finished part to be created from plastic quickly and economically. We create challenging finished parts – from individual parts through to complete assemblies – with our in-house machining.

The latest multi-axis and lathe machining centres are used for this, skilfully operated by our experienced workers. From tool preparation through the programming and on to completion and quality checking, complex finished parts are created for a great variety of industries and applications.

3-axis milling machine

MeasurementsAdditional Information
x=1.625mm, y=860mm, z=760mm24-fold tool change, equipped with vacuum plate 1.500 x 800mm
x=2.500mm, y=620mm, z=520mm30-fold tool change, pendular stroke mode 2 x 1.025 x 620 mm
x=1.000mm, y=550mm, z=300mm24-fold tool change
x=1.800mm, y=510mm, z=480mm20-fold tool change, (double operation= x=700mm; y=510mm z=480mm)

4-axis milling machine

MeasurementsAdditional Information
x=720mm, y=540mm, z=400mmsingle-item manufacturing and prototyping
x=1.600mm, y=400mm, z=350mmsuitable e.g. for screws upto Ø400mm
x= 500mm, y=400mm, z=300mm16-fold tool change

5-axis milling machine

MeasurementsAdditional Information
x=680mm, y=500mm, z=600mm32-fold tool change
x=800/945mm, y=800mm, z=500mm30-fold tool change, 2 work stations
x=2.300/1.730mm, y=600mm, z=700mm26-fold tool change, 2 work stations, swivel head

Portal milling machine

MeasurementsAdditional Information
x=5.000mm, y=2.700mm, z=950mm32-fold tool change, robotic head


With small and medium series, thermoforming is also a suitable alternative to the injection moulding process. Thermoforming is distinguished by low tooling costs and is particularly economical with individual pieces and with small to medium series.

Thermoforming parts are ideal for presentations, functional tests, but also for direct use as end products. We can deliver the raw material or the finished part, with mechanical reworking if desired.

4-axis turning machine

MeasurementsAdditional Information
upto Ø 450mm, length upto 600mm24-fold tool change, double-turret (synchronous operation)
spindle opening Ø 100mm, length upto 750mm (hollow spindle)24-fold tool change, double-turret (synchronous operation)
upto Ø 450m, length upto 1.250mm24-fold tool change, double-turret (synchronous operation)
spindle opening Ø 100mm (Hohlspindel)24-fold tool change, double-turret (synchronous operation)
upto Ø 450mm, length upto 600mm24-fold tool change, double-turret (synchronous operation)
spindle opening Ø 70mm24-fold tool change, double-turret (synchronous operation)

5-axis turning machine

upto Ø 350mm, length upto 700mm
spindle opening Ø 60mm
upto Ø 250mm, length upto 1.000mm
spindle opening Ø 70mm , Y-axis +/-50mm
upto Ø 250mm, length upto 1.000mm
spindle opening Ø 70mm , Y-axis +/-50mm


upto Ø 500mm
upto Ø 300mm


For stamped parts (e.g. seals and insulators) and folded parts (e.g. covers), we can deliver the appropriate raw material made from technical plastic: Pre-assembled as film from the roll, as sheets or if preferred as finished parts.

Band saw

width upto 630mm, height 7 – 250mm

Panel cutting saw (CNC controlled)

cutting height upto 130 mm
cutting length upto 4.300 mm
depth upto 3.000 mm

Sawing robot

upto Ø 420 mm, automatic feed

Circular saw

height upto 140mm; saw blade diameter of 450mm


With our in-house expertise and our external partners, we can manufacture precision finished parts for you using injection moulding. The process is ideal for functionally capable small-series components for end-use and is particularly economical from 250 parts and upwards.

Wide belt sander

width upto 1.350mm

Vacuum planer

width upto 630mm

Thickness planer

width upto 610mm, height 4 – 300mm


width upto 610mm, height 7 – 250mm


We like to use the vacuum casting process for manufacturing robust prototypes or small numbers of parts. We can also manufacture the master model, required for creating the casting mould, for this ourselves by means of 3D printing or with our in-house machining.

Fiber laser

power of 5W, labelling field von 100 x 100mm

State of the art production

From quantity 1 to medium series

As a specialist in the manufacture and processing of thermoplastics, we manufacture plastic parts from different materials for a wide variety of industries and applications.
These include the following material groups:

  • ABS
  • PA
  • PC
  • PE
  • PEEK
  • PET
  • POM
  • PPE
  • PP
  • PP-HT
  • PPS
  • PVDF

Services from Centroplast

Sometimes there is more to be done even after the finished part is produced. If you require further support to achieve your objective, get in touch with us and take advantage of our services.