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Plastics that comply with high hygiene standards

Foodstuffs & nutritional products

For absolutely safe products

Hygiene and safety regulations are the alpha and omega when using technical plastics in the foodstuffs and nutritional products industry. Resistance to wear is also much sought after.

Customers from the foodstuffs and nutritional products industry can depend on absolutely safe products with Centroplast. We will also support you with specific material developments, in order to manufacture plastics with food-grade approval, or magnetically detectable plastics or plastics in particular colours, for example. We can implement individual requirements in semi-finished products or in finished parts that are already designed to suit plastics.

Which plastic meets the high safety standards?

Plastics for the foodstuffs and nutritional products industry must comply with strict safety regulations. POM W is particularly well suited, being a semi-crystalline thermoplastic, certified per DVGW regulations (technical regulations, worksheet W 270) and so is particularly suitable for safe use with drinking water.

At the same time it still retains the good machinability, dimensional stability and chemical resistance of the base plastic polyoxymethylene. Foodstuffs-approved per EU-FDA. For these reasons, POM-W plastics are often used as construction elements for potable water filling.

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Find the right plastics in the online portal

Use our online portal AdvanceDock to directly filter the characteristics that are important for your application. We have also provided an overview of the foodstuffs approvals from the federal institute for risk assessment and EU regulations in the download area of the AdvanceDock. Amongst other things, POM W is marked there as having KTW-approval and so is permitted to come into contact with drinking water