Common visions

Custom product development

You have the idea – we have the solution!

At Centroplast, we are constantly working on the development of new plastics, the improvement of existing materials, and product development in cooperation with our customers. It often starts with a distinct problem or an idea from a customer. Our cooperation results in innovations that disrupt industries.

Our structured approach to finding solutions, from evaluation to design, helps transform ideas into new, market-relevant products.



We start by understanding the problem you want to solve and the impact you hope to achieve. When you approach us with a specific product idea, we will challenge it and put together requirements.


  • Problem evaluation
  • Common understanding of requirements


Based on the requirements, we advise you on the various options available to you. Which material and manufacturing process is the best fit? We advise you with experience and know-how.


  • Consulting of possible solutions and alternatives
  • Planning of next steps


The aim of the development phase is to develop the first prototypes or, in the case of material development, to design the first material samples that can be tested and adapted in the next step.


  • Prototypes or material sample
  • Technical drawing / 3-D models


Before it the product goes into production, we make sure that all requirements are met to ensure the result is 100% according to your expectations.


  • On-premise testing of product
  • Iteration and fine-tuning

Production readiness

We are not satisfied until you are. Once the prototype has been developed to the point where no further adjustments are necessary, we prepare for series production. This way we ensure that you can start on time based on your time constraints.


  • Production-ready products
  • Certificates

Selection of projects and developments

Bipolar plates
Oil pan
LUX Candles