Bipolar plates

Components for redox flow batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzers

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Large format bipolar plates 

for the reduction of stacking costs

Until 2030 we will undoubtedly see a stark increase in renewables integration into electricity grids, leading to rising demand for efficient and reliable energy storage. Therefore, the number of grid-connected electrochemical battery systems is going to increase drastically.

Manufacturers of redox flow batteries need to reduce their costs to compete against lithium-ion in future utility-scale projects, given two levers for critical cost reductions: Either reducing the electrolyte costs or the stack costs. The latter is possible thanks to Centroplast’s unique capabilities in bipolar plate production. Centroplast’s large-scale bipolar plates allow for significantly improved stack costs and power density in utility-scale stack designs compare to other production methods such as hot pressing and injection molding.

Advantages of our manufacturing process

high volumes

low cost

flexible dimensioning

Expertise in extrusion processes

Continuous extrusion allows for larger geometries of bipolar plates because the molten graphite compound does not need to travel for a long distance between heating and solidification. From Centroplast's experience, the maximum manufacturable geometry is limited by a thickness to wideness ratio of between 8 and 4 per thousand. Centroplast has managed to produce bipolar plates of 1,200 mm width at 8 mm thickness and 450 mm width at 2 mm thickness. A 450 mm width has been reached at 0.6 mm thickness in small volumes. The length of a plate can be adjusted thanks to the continuous extrusion process. 

Production from one source

  • extrusion
  • insertion of a flowfield 
  • final surface finishing

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Profitability through high volumes

Based on your requirements, we will be happy to advise you and together we will determine whether our manufacturing process is the right and most profitable for your application.

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Area of apllication

Our bipolar plates are mainly used in

  • HT / NT PEM fuel cells
  • Redox flow batteries
  • PEM electrolysis
  • Heat exchangers

We have compiled the right bipolar plate for your battery stack and all useful information and technical data for you in a white paper.