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As a specialist in the manufacturing and machining of thermoplastics, we create plastic finished parts for immediate use. Finished parts made from thermoplastics have many benefits that have a positive influence on the end product.

Low weight and flexible application opportunities are amongst these benefits, along with exceptional mechanical, electrical, physical and thermal resilience as well as good wear characteristics and a high chemical resistance.

In addition, thermoplastics consist of filamentary macro-molecules and can be easily shaped, melted and recycled.

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Depending on requirements, different materials are better suited to the respective application, bringing their own advantages. You can find all of the details about our materials with a quick look in our online portal

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From single parts to medium-sized series

Regardless of whether you want to have an individual finished part or a whole series produced – our promises for quality, budget compliance and timely delivery remain the same! From individual parts through to complete assemblies – if desired also with assembly and quality checks – you will receive finished parts that you can use immediately in their functional location.

You can find out more about our finished parts here:

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New ideas? Develop them with us!

Incidentally: If you have a completely new idea in mind for a finished part, you can contact our experienced development team in complete confidence! With Centroplast you can develop new types of solutions for your individual requirements. Thanks to rapid prototyping you can have something in your hand right from the earliest stages of product development. You can read more on the subject of development here:

Turning visions into reality

Winfried Metzner

Machining production manager / Application-related advice