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From extrusion to finished part

Since 1961, we have dedicated ourselves entirely to the development and manufacture of plastics. Today, we extrude thermoplastics and use them to manufacture components and assemblies for companies from many inustries. Our team of experts is available to assist you with any questions you may have about the production and processing of thermoplastics.

Our team will be happy to think through your project and advise you with years of expertise. Whether it's a development project, special production, spare parts or series production, we help from the very beginning.

As a manufacturer of semi-finished and finished products we monitor the entire supply chain.

Our focus areas are:

Our customers

We are only happy, when our customers are. We assist customers with our plastic knowledge as a sparring partner from ideation to implementation.


Our team of troupers and young visionaries are the key factors to combine material and industrie knowledge with new disruptive inovations.


Continues process development and improvement and cross-functional quality control are enabling us to keep our quality at a high level.

Just on time

High stock levels, optimized processes, selected partners along the supply chain and a great team are the key to success for our exellent service.


Automized and digital processes, new production lines, internal trainings targetted towards environmental awareness help increase the level of sustainable production.

Our team

Motivation, apprectiation and continues development are rooted in our company culture. We belive only those who enable their employees, will make a difference.


Experience and competence since 1961

The history of plastics is still young: They have only been produced since the start of the 20th century – and have been making many areas of our everyday lives easier since then. Centroplast have been completely dedicated to the development and production of plastics since 1961. Today, we produce thermoplastics and semi-finished products made from these as well as components for companies from almost every sector of the economy. Our headquarters is Marsberg in Northeast Sauerland, just as it always has been.

We have summarised the most important milestones of our company for you in our brief history:

  • 1961: Company founded under the name of Gleitstoff-Gesellschaft mbH & Co KG.
  • 1973: Company name changed to Centroplast Kunststofferzeugnisse GmbH
  • 1981: Production of plastic semi-finished parts and finished plastic products
  • 1991 - 93: Expansion of the production skills, production of high-performance plastics
  • 1996: Successful certification per DIN ISO 9001
  • 1998: Centroplast becomes an integral part of Centrotec SE
  • 2004: Company name changed to Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
  • 2008: Expansion of the machining with 5-axis CNC machining centres
  • 2014: Introduction of the 3D printing process
  • 2015: Expansion and professionalisation of the internal processes; formation of the material development department
  • 2016: Construction of the in-house laboratory
  • 2017: Extrusion of the world's largest bipolar plate made of graphite-polymer compound.
  • 2018: Opening of a sales office for the French market
  • 2019: Production of technical films
  • 2020: Establishment of series production for bipolar plates made of graphite-polymer compound


A Strong Team

Since 1998, Centroplast has been part of CENTROTEC SE, a company represented in more than 45 countries, specialising in energy-efficient building technology.


The CENTROTEC group comprises three group segments:

  • Gas Flue Systems: Focussed on plastic gas flue systems for various types of heating
  • Climate Systems: Products from the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology
  • Medical Technology & Engineering Plastics: Development, production and sales of medical equipment and products made from high-performance plastics.

For more information on CENTROTEC, please visit


Centroplast is a one-hundred percent subsidiary of CENTROTEC. As an economically independent company, we are classified in the Medical Technology & Engineering Plastics segment.

Ein starkes Team

Alongside Centroplast, two other companies belong to the Medical Technology & Engineering Plastics segment and we would like to present them briefly now:

Möller Medical GmbH

The medium-sized company with its headquarters in Fulda develops, manufactures and sells sterile and active medical products for all approval classes and is at home on the international market.


A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast

he Danish company is an innovative manufacturer, successful in the market for machined finished parts for use in medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and the foodstuffs industry.



We set environmental standards

The actions of companies have a powerful influence on the environment and on society. At Centroplast we are well aware of our responsibility and have established a corporate culture and working methods that promote the sustainable treatment of resources and respect people and the environment.  

The responsible handling of energy, emissions, waste or wastewater are direct aspects that have an influence on our environment. Alongside our highly efficient, resource-preserving products we have paid particular attention to the potential reductions in energy consumption and the emission of hazardous materials.

In addition, we have also kept a close eye on indirect factors such as the service life of products or the administration and planning decisions and the actions of suppliers.

We are trying to set new environmental standards in all these areas. We have already implemented a great deal in our own company and are always looking at the big picture in order to allow ourselves to be inspired by other companies.

Quality management

Quality, precision work, reliability

Quality is not achieved at a single location –quality can only be achieved if everyone in the company stays continually focussed on this overall goal. For this reason, the high quality demands at Centroplast apply to every process.

From the first consultation with our customers about the manufacturing of thermoplastics in our in-house extrusion plant, their mechanical processing as well as delivery in exact quantities, on time at the agreed date of course – all of our workers live and breathe the "Total Quality Management System". Centroplast staff members take responsibility for this claim at all levels and are continuously involved in all optimisation processes.

Certificates and approvals

Certification per DIN ISO 9001 shows that the quality standards at Centroplast are not just written on paper, but rather are in daily use. In addition, audits can be carried out by independent test centres.

Also, we can verify standards compliance for anything that impacts the end product itself: Of course our thermoplastics are produced and delivered in accordance with the quality standard DIN EN 15860.

For many of our customers, it is also important to know what approvals our plastics have, e.g. whether they are suitable for contact with foodstuffs. All of our approvals and certificates are available in the download area of our online portal AdvanceDock.

The certification per DIN ISO 9001 can also be found here

to download


Measurement and testing technology

Our manufacturing is implemented in compliance with DIN 7168 medium or DIN 2768 medium tolerances for plastics. Random sample checking measurements and subsequent final testing with calibrated measurement and testing equipment are used to verify the product quality of our semi-finished parts and finished parts.

One-hundred percent quality checking for an order incl. documentation is also possible on request. All measurement and testing equipment is monitored at regular intervals and its calibration documented in test logs. We can also deliver our products with accompanying test logs on request.

Non-destructive testing of the semi-finished parts for cavities, inclusions and porosity is carried out at regular intervals with ultrasonic testing. Ultrasonic testing of semi-finished parts can generally be carried out during the checking procedures, with corresponding customer order.


The REACh ordinance per EU directive 1907/2006/EC has been valid since 01.06.2007 and replaced the European chemical act which had been applicable until then.

REACh stands for
R = Registration
E = Evaluation
A = Authorisation and Restriction
Ch = Chemicals

Amongst other things, the REACh ordinance requires that all substances (chemicals and preparations) produced in the EU, are pre-registered and registered with the European chemical agency (ECHA). The REACh ordinance applies to all chemicals and preparations.

Polymers are explicitly (per article 2, section 9) excepted from registration and evaluation. As a result, there is no mandatory registration for our semi-finished plastic parts and finished plastic parts.

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