Project management

From the first idea through to the end product

Development processes at Centroplast

Creative, transparent, professional

You always have an idea or a problem at the start of a development process. Together we can find the solution! We can achieve our objective with competent advice and our experienced development team. What is important to us with this: Transparent and professional project management with communication on a par. We can sub-divide this up into the following steps: 


Regardless of whether you wish to resolve an existing problem or have a completely new idea: Get in touch with the experienced developers at Centroplast!


What material will be best suited? What production processes? What manufacturing processes? We will guide you with our experience and expertise.

Project planning

We consider ourselves to be not just suppliers but rather to be holistic project partners. We will support you through all of the stages of your project whilst keeping within budget and meeting deadlines.


From the first prototype through to the final production series, we can manufacture your new product in our workshops.

Optimum solutions

Have we sustainably improved your product? Or could it be better? We will pursue this together with you and continue to search for new directions.


Use the material of the future and develop new solutions from plastic! We will support you with this.

Installation in the engine

An overview of the optimisation

What would a development process with Centroplast be like? Like this, for example: We developed a plastic oil sump for a company in the automotive industry, to replace the previous version made of aluminium – which it now successfully does!

You can find other reference projects here:

Industries & references


In the automotive industry: The lighter the weight, the better. What components could be replaced with lighter plastic ones? For example, the oil sump that was previously made of aluminium.


The customer's requirements were clear: The new oil sump had to be just as resistant to temperature and oils as the old one. And, of course, it had to be lighter.

Project planning

Budget, deadlines, delivery date for the first prototype: The whole project was thoroughly planned from start to finish together.


The new plastic oil sump was manufactured with an appropriate material developed specially for this particular application. With the following benefits, it was very convincing

  • Same stability as the aluminium oil sump by using a design appropriate for plastic
  • Weight reduction of ca. 50%
  • Wall thickness of 1.2 mm
  • Semi-transparent design

Optimum solutions

The new oil sump contributes to a weight reduction in the whole vehicle and has proved its functional integrity and strength in many applications.

Dr. Thorsten Derieth

Development / Technology