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LUX® Originals: Plastic tea light holder as a fascinating new light source. They offer the design and emotions of a wax candle combined with the safety of the controlled, self-extinguishing flame of a tea light. Stains from hot flowing wax are a thing of the past. The once-off purchase price and the easily replaced tea light give you hours of light and warmth. The tea light holders can be used diversely and decoratively indoors and outdoors.

We produce durable, timelessly stylish candle shaped tea light holders.

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Our “Made in Germany” factory guarantees highly ambitious product design and quantity, as well as environmental sustainability of the materials used.

Advantages for you


Our LUX® Originals brand tea light holders offer you the following advantages:


  • Pure plastic makes the tea light holders durable
  • Buy once and re-use many times over. Always looks perfect
  • as the tea light is easy to replace
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Standard tea lights can be used
  • Pure plastics, fully recyclable

Safety / burning characteristics

  • No soiling due to hot flowing wax
  • The self-extinguishing flame of the tea light offers great safety
  • Decorations can be placed close to the tea light holder
  • The UV resistance of the plastic used means that the tea light holder can be used in areas exposed to sunlight
  • FDA-certified (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), food-safe


  • No unattractive deformation of the burning candle
  • Classic, Trend and Insert designs
  • Three different colours
  • Many formats
  • Pin hole at the base of the tea light holder
  • Tea light can be replaced easily without tools