The practical transport
and packaging system


CENTROPACK™ is the ideal reusable transport logistics system for simple storage and damage-free transport of sensitive machine components.

Reusable - Transport - Security - Logistics

CENTROPACK™ consists of a transport tube that holds the packaging units, e.g. ball bearings, and transports them safely to the required production or  storage location. This ensures simple provision/warehousing.

The packaging system is weather-resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. CENTROPACK™ offers the protection that sensitive machine components require. For example, the reject rate for bulk material during storage or transport is minimised. 

CENTROPACK™ components

The transport tube is the main component of the CENTROPACK™ packaging system. A tailored lid provides protection against moisture, dust, UV radiation and mechanical damage. Steel clamps hold the transport units firmly in position. A centring pin tailored for the components offers additional solidity and stability.

DIN EN ISO 9004 compliant

Using CENTROPACK™ fulfils all requirements of DIN EN ISO 9004, Section 16 for secure handling, identification and shipping.

We offer you:

  • High service life with sturdy transport tubes – reusability ensures rapid return on investment.
  • The protected components guarantee the function and dimensional accuracy – minimising rejects.
  • The transport tube length and diameter can be selected to match the machine element perfectly.
  • Economic and ecological sustainability
  • Profitability and time savings thanks to organized and warehoused provision of the components
  • Individual design or labelling of the transport tubes as required
  • Standard-compliant processing in handling, identification and shipping