The flexible extraction solution


CENTROFLEX™ is our flexible extraction system that removes production waste such as chips, gas or smoke reliably and rapidly. In wood, metal or plastic processing machines, CENTROFLEX™ ensures a clean and save working environment. It minimises production damage sustainably.

The system couldn’t be simpler: Individual elements can be combined in a modular system such that they can be positioned optimally relative to the tool and/or workpiece. In addition to this, CENTROFLEX™ can be connected to any existing extraction system. The result is an efficient extraction solution that is designed specifically for the individual application. Initially designed as a system for our own production, we have continuously improved the extraction system in day-to-day use. The result is the sophisticated CENTROFLEX™ standard product, that we now also offer for the machining industry. The system is easy to set up, flexible due to the different individual components, and efficient. In addition to the production specific advantages, CENTROFLEX™ reduces employees’ dust exposure significantly. That makes it easier to comply with health and safety thresholds.

A clean workstation with our modular, individual extraction solution:

  • CENTROFLEX™ can be configured flexibly and adapted to the working environment.
  • CENTROFLEX™ is positionally stable.
  • CENTROFLEX™ is dimensionally stable and shatterproof.
  • CENTROFLEX™ is variable in all machine environments and can be retrofitted.
  • CENTROFLEX™ achieves the maximum extraction capacity for long and fine chips.