The solution in plastic
Our products for your application


As a manufacturer and processor of semi-finished products made of thermoplastic materials, we offer you the perfect solution for your application. Our service ranges from material development, to production of semi-finished products, right up to finishing and component assembly, as well as final quality control.

Our materials


We are specialised in thermoplastic materials. We have many years’ experience in developing, producing and processing these plastics:

Advantages for you


Our materials offer you the following advantages:

  • Low weight
  • Can be modified for special material properties
  • Very high mechanical, electrical, physical and thermal resistance
  • Good wear properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Reshapable

Our products


We have developed our own products from daily handling of plastics and a wide range of applications:

Centroplast products


We at Centroplast have created our own products for various applications based on our expertise and creativity in plastics.