Graphite Polymer Compound

The energy storage innovation

Flexible energy store made from technical plastic

One of the greatest challenges of the energy revolution is the question of energy storage.

Sustainable energy generation systems such as wind turbines or photovoltaic cells have the disad-vantage of exhibiting large fluctuations in the production of energy. One solution is to store excess energy which can then be used at a later point in time.

With the development of an innovative compound, Centroplast has taken a big step forward in the future topic of energy storage: Centroplast's new development Graphite Polymer Compound is very versatile and can be used, for example, in redoxflow batteries or fuel cells. Flexible energy stores can be constructed with the help of this innovative material – a future topic in Germany and the whole world.

We produce graphite-coated bipolar plates, suitable for a great variety of applications, here in our manufacturing facility. We would be delighted to manufacture custom bipolar plates for your specific application. Taking your requirements into account, there are practically no limits for the geometry of the bipolar plates! From the cost effective manufacturing using a continuous extrusion process through to functional integration of the bipolar plates in a subsystem and, if desired, also including installation – with us you can find all services from a single source.

Incidentally: The largest bipolar plates in the world, were developed by Centroplast in cooperation with other renowned companies and are used in redox-flow batteries and fuel cells.