Networking is a key part of our corporate strategy. That is why we are active in networks like OWL-Maschinenbau, it’s OWL and UPBracing Team. To keep up with the state of the art in technology, we cooperate very closely with renowned plastics technology and plastics production institutes. We focus in particular on supporting prospective engineers with their Master’s thesis and projects in the Formula Student racing series.


Centroplast is a full member of the OWL industry network.

“Boosting performance”
The OWL Maschinenbau industry and innovation network for mechanical engineering has dedicated itself to enhancing the economic and technological leadership of the high-performance region Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) in international competition. With almost 300 companies and over 42,000 employees, mechanical engineering and automation technology are core competencies of the OWL region that have grown historically. The industry with its many medium-sized companies, faces the challenges of increasing globalisation and faster technological change with new forms of cooperation.

The most important goals are:

  • Strengthening the economic and technological capabilities of the medium-sized mechanical engineering companies in the region
  • Ensuring that the existing companies continue to operate to stabilise the labour market in the long term
  • Development of location advantages for companies in global competition


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Centroplast is a partner in the it‘s OWL – Intelligente Technische Systeme OstWestfalenLippe (Intelligent Technical Systems) technology network, working together with 100 companies and research institutions. In 46 projects with a total volume of 100 million Euros, they cooperate to develop intelligent products and product systems that adapt to the operating conditions and user requirements. These range from intelligent automation and drive solutions, through machines, vehicles and domestic appliance, right up to networked production systems. New technologies are made available even to small and medium-sized companies via transfer projects. Recognised in the Top Cluster competition of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, it‘s OWL is one of the largest Industrie 4.0 initiatives, and makes a key contribution to securing production in Germany.

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Centroplast supports the UPBracing Team from Paderborn as a Silver Sponsor in production of innovative plastic parts from a range of materials. The UPBracing Team is a registered non-profit club and student initiative of the University of Paderborn. The aim of the club and initiative is to participate regularly in Formula Student races, a series of competitions that enables students to supplement their studies with practical experience. We look forward to continuing our good work together.

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