The vision gives our employees the orientation and motivation they need and also ensures a common corporate image for our company in public.

The central modules of our vision - team, management, customers, business processes and corporate image - enhance our joint identity and enhance the long-term cohesion in this way.

And most importantly: We learn all the time and that makes us better all the time.


Our corporate image reinforces the responsibility of Centroplast to customers, business partners and the public. We are aware of the significance of a positive external image for our business success.

We document and communicate our values, the long-term strategies and the goals in our mission statement.

Our company organisation is presented transparently to employees, customers, business partners and the public.

Our company values a fair contract culture and reliable compliance with all written and oral agreements with our business partners and the public particularly highly.


Our company undertakes to fulfil our customers’ requirements and expectations. Our decisions are customer and market driven throughout the entire value chain. We strive to cooperate openly, respectfully and professionally with our business partners.

Sustainable trust:
We verify faultless manufacturing of our products, building sustainable trust in our customers and business partners.

Customer requests & market requirements:
Our range of products is based on customer requests and market requirements.

Performance evaluation:
Evaluation of our performance by our customers is an important tool for continuous improvement.

Business processes

The business processes and workflows in our company are documented and transparent for all involved. We continuously strive to optimise the quality of our services and products, as well as health and safety and environmental protection.

Resource economy & sustainability:
Conscious and sustainable use of resources and protection of our environment is a key goal of our production process.

We enhance our value-added processes and guarantee commercial success using innovative methods, techniques and processes.

In our fields, we continually expand our technical and commercial knowledge.

Continuous improvement:
We react to the constantly changing conditions and influencing factors on the market with our continuous improvement and upgrades.


Our managers play a key role in leading and coordinating the specialist departments. They decide on optimal design of business processes, and maintain successful contacts to customers, suppliers and business partners, shaping our public corporate image.

Role models:
Our managers take their status as role models seriously, and exemplify values like trust, respect, responsibility and integrity.

Flat hierarchies:
We create flat hierarchies to facilitate flexible decision-making and communication.

Employee involvement:
We encourage traceable decisions with active involvement of affected employees.


Our employees are the foundation of the company’s economic success. We see the motivation of every employee as the basis for their dedication, initiative and satisfaction.

Professional & respectful:
Our employees are professional and respectful in their interactions with colleagues, managers, customers and business partners.

Trust over control:
With our principle of trust over control and the open way we deal with mistakes, we promote motivation, creativity and identification of our employees with the company.

Employee performance reviews:
We give our employees clear challenges, objective performance evaluation and a constructive dialogue with their line managers in target agreement meetings and employee performance reviews.

Our employees have the expertise and authorisations required to perform their duties and reach their goals.